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Why You Need an Attorney for Your Criminal Defense

Being charged with a criminal offense is serious business. It should be viewed with the gravest of lenses, and it’s not the time to put your Do-It-Yourself attitude on display.

When you have a toothache, it is not recommended that you yank the suspect tooth out on your own, just because you own a set of pliers. Having a hammer and some nails doesn’t mean you’re qualified to build a house yourself.

Having a rudimentary knowledge of the law does not mean you can adequately defend yourself in court.

Representing Yourself is a Bad Idea

Just as you need medicine when you’re sick, you need an attorney for a criminal defense case.

Let’s take a look at some of the reason that representing yourself in a court of law is not beneficial:

  • A trained, qualified attorney knows what your rights are. As a person charged with a crime, you have rights. An attorney’s job is to ensure that those rights are protected.
  • An attorney has the knowledge to understand and make sure you know the charges that you are facing. The law is complex and has many intricacies that only trained law professionals are equipped to grasp fully.
  • A local criminal defense attorney has experience working with the judges, district attorneys, and other personnel around the courthouse. They know the personalities and idiosyncrasies of the people working in the local system and how all the players work within that system.
  • Being familiar with the inner-workings of local government gives the attorney a distinct advantage. He or she will most likely know which D.A.’s are more or less likely to offer a plea bargain, or have an idea of what that plea bargain might look like.
  • An attorney for a criminal defense can work for a lesser punishment, such as reduced jail time, or even probation. While you could argue for these on your own, an attorney understands the nuances of legal language that far improve the chances for a favorable outcome.
  • If a conviction is handed down, a skilled lawyer can help you navigate the next steps, for example, an appeals process. The need for legal representation doesn’t necessarily end when the jury makes their proclamation.

The Bottom Line

Experience is valuable. There’s a reason that doctors, lawyers, and other professionals are required to go through extended schooling and testing to practice in their fields.

You have a constitutionally protected right to have competent counsel. That means that, even if you can’t afford an attorney, the government will provide one for you. This speaks to the importance of a qualified, skilled attorney working on your behalf.

Should you find yourself faced with an arrest or charges filed against you, turn to a reputable attorney for your criminal defense. They can give you the best chance possible in what lies ahead for you.

Abraham Lincoln said, “A man who represents himself has a fool for a client.” He wasn’t called “Honest Abe” for nothing.

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In the world of drug crime, there are many variables that can determine the severity of your crime: Type of drug, and amount in your possession. While there are many different charges that you could potentially face, there are some that attorneys encounter more frequently than others, and in this article you’ll find out more about them.

Cultivation and Manufacturing

If you’re found growing or creating any quantity or type of drug, you’re going to be arrested for cultivation and/or manufacturing. Not only are you in possession of a drug, but you’re showing intent to either use or distribute drugs, which many states consider to be in violation of their zero-tolerance policies towards drugs. An experienced attorney will be able to provide you quality defense, but it’s important to know what your details are, because it will determine the severity of charges against you.

Distribution and Trafficking

Perhaps you weren’t found growing, but you are in possession of mass quantities of the drug in question. Of the charges in this article, this has the largest potential to be the most severe, because of the intent behind it. While growing and being in possession of are punishable offenses, this crime is showing your intent to spread the drugs to those who don’t currently have it. Any attorney who consults with you will work fiercely to use all details that you provide and defend you. Whether distributing or trafficking, you still have an opportunity to have your charges reduced.


The one unifying theme throughout the previous charges is possession. Having any amount of drug in excess of the legal limit can result in your arrest, but depending on how much you have and what type of drug it is you may be facing up to thirty years behind bars. So while possession may seem like a very small offense, it has serious implications.

Having a quality defense attorney at your side throughout your case can mean the difference between a life tarnished by drug crime or an acquittal. After your arrest, time is of the essence, so do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney. The longer you wait, the more opportunity the prosecution has to build their case against you.


How to avoid scams with online legal services

More people are now attracted to online legal services. But it may not be a smooth ride for many. People are complaining about scams in online legal services. People are regularly dealing with wills, apartment leases, patents, and other documents online. Many people have reported scams with online legal services.

Spotting fakes

A false client may contact the attorney and ask him for representation for a particular legal case. They then tell the lawyer that their case has been resolved and that a check has been sent to the lawyer from the opposing party.

The client tells the lawyer to deduct the legal fees from the check amount and send the rest of the money to the client. But after the lawyer sends the money, the bank notifies that the check was not real. The opposite can also happen. The documents provided by the online legal firm may not be real. So, when you take these documents to the court, the court might reject your appeal.

Pay attention to emails

In order to avoid scam you need to be careful about scam emails. Whenever you receive any email, you should scrutinize it to find out if it is from a real lawyer or not. You can check their contact information or visit their sites to make sure that the email is coming from a genuine law firm.

A law firm also needs to verify the emails they are receiving are from genuine clients or not. To confirm this, the law firm may ask for some specific document of the case or a proof of identity.

The payment method used in case of online legal services must be secured. Don’t give your bank details right away. You should be careful not to disclose any personal information also which a scam artist can later use to act against you.


3 common myths about lawyers and attorneys

What is shown on dramas and movies are not always right. For this, people have some misconceptions regarding lawyers and attorneys. Here are the common myths about lawyers and attorneys.

1. Lawyers try to take all your money


Many people hate lawyers as they are said to take up your money. People usually go to lawyers with an important problem. The problem is negative.

People are already stressed. When they have to pay the legal fees, they lose their mind. They often forget that the lawyers are charging for an important service that they have provided. The work of a lawyer requires lots of paperwork. The lawyer has to pay for the administrative works.

The work of a lawyer requires lots of paperwork. The lawyer has to pay for the administrative works.

2. Lawyers are rich people


People think that if you want to be rich, you have to be a lawyer. But the truth is that only a small portion of the lawyers are rich.

More students are graduating from law school making the job market tight. Not enough jobs are available to them. Law schools are expensive. So, students are in debt and have no job. Many lawyers choose to work for the non-profit sector and earn only modest income.

So, students are in debt and have no job. Many lawyers choose to work for the non-profit sector and earn only modest income.

3. Litigation is aggressive and thrilling


Many people think that the court actions are thrilling. In reality, it is like a conversation between the lawyers and the Judge in the courtroom.

The opposing attorneys are very friendly and polite too. So, you don’t get to see the aggressiveness in a courtroom that you see in movies. The litigation process is also very slow. So, courtrooms are not exciting.

The litigation process is also very slow. So, courtrooms are not exciting.

These myths about lawyers often distract people and move them away from lawyers. But these are not true. If you are a victim of any kind of legal problem, you should immediately consult a lawyer.


4 reasons to ask for legal help and advice online

Getting online legal advice is very simple. You can get an answer to your legal query just by sitting at home. Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to ask for legal help and advice online.

  • The question and answer session are conducted over the Internet. There is no need for any personal meeting. This keeps the overhead costs low and so can save a lot of money.
  • You don’t need to travel all the way across the town to meet your lawyer. By providing online legal service, we can keep our fees low and provide you a convenient experience.
  • With our online service, you can instantly send messages to our lawyers, fill out an online questionnaire. You can upload or download any relevant file and share them with your attorney.
  • Unlike in regular legal services where you need to pay lawyers at an hourly rate, here you know exactly how much you have to pay. There is no hidden charge. We only offer fixed and reasonable fee.

With online legal services, it is much easier to work with clients. Clients get easy and fast service. Their queries are answered almost immediately without waiting. With online legal advice system, you can do everything that you normally do, except that the whole process is more convenient online.

Online inquiries are more transparent as you can share documents and work with the lawyers collaboratively. So, you will hardly experience in kind of miscommunication. With online legal advice system, there is less paperwork and so will save you a lot of money.